polaroid-style photograph of a blond doll in a frilly white jacket

name: Shim Ichiiro 심 一郎
called: Ichii (&c.)

model: [DreamofDoll] Zen
gender: male

order date: 10. October, '04
date received: 02. December, '04
date opened: 25. December, '04

birthday: 10. October
zodaic: (Greek) Libra
              (Chinese) Monkey
tarot: Justice

house: Hufflepuff
faction: ERASER
true name: Eternal

skin: normal
eyes: [defualt] 16mm brown
            [KanisAugen] light brown*
hair: [default] mullet bob cut
           [Monique] Tara*
           [WasteofSpace] baby brother
           [RevePoupee] Edward Elric

face-up: [default] Zen
                  [VittaVera] touch-ups

customs: [DreamofDoll] hand5
                    [VittaVera] hand blush

notes: sweet but shy; the high spirited boy.

polaroid-style photo of a silver-haired doll in a blue trench coat

name: Ichihara Camui 市原 神威
called: Camui

model: [VOLKS] (old) F-29
gender: male

purchase date: 14. September, '09

birthday: 14. September
zodaic: (Greek) Virgo
              (Chinese) Ox
tarot: Magician

house: Hufflepuff
faction: Wiz-dom
true name: Memoryless

skin: beauty white(?)
eyes: [defualt] 18mm blue-grey(?)
hair: [default] long blonde wig
           [VOLKS] boys short II
face-up: [default] unknown

notes: an amnesiac international man of mystery

*asterisk indicates what he's currently wearing as a default

unfinished polaroid-style photograph of a bald, wigless, unpainted doll head; the words

name: Aiden

model: [eLuts] Juri '05
gender: male

purchase date (head): 26. March, 2010
purchase date (body): 15. December, 2010
date completed: 24. December, 2010

birthday: 26. March
zodaic: (Greek) Aries
              (Chinese) Tiger
tarot: The Emperor

house: Slytherin
faction: Wiz-dom
true name: Memoryless

skin: beauty white
eyes: [defualt] 18mm(?) blue-green*
hair: [eLuts] DW-69
face-up: [none] none

notes: a runaway with a mysterious past.